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Yoga is a way of life which everyone should be able to discover, no matter where they are. The chance for self improvement and betterment should be available to everyone. The direction and guidance of the right teachers is vital, whether you are beginning your journey in yoga or going deeper into it.

Our aim is to provide you with the tools to lead you to the best version of yourself, to health and bliss, wherever you are in the world.

we have several programs designed for all levels of practitioners. You can choose the course that suits you best according to your requirements.  

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Listen to what students have to say about Indea Yoga

“This place feels like home now! If you want to learn more about yoga then this is definitely the place to be. I did the Yoga TTC in feb 2020. The classes were amazing. We had a balance of physical practice, pranayama as well as theory. In theory- we had a mix of technical class, teaching sessions, Indian philosophy and chanting! All the teachers are incredible. I witnessed not only a lot of physical changes in myself but also a lot of mental changes. At the end of the course, I feel lighter, happier and more balanced. I’m taking home a lot of tools to apply to my own real life. I will miss this place a lot. And I am so jealous that so many people get to experience this for the first time. I wish I could do this all over again.”


Komal Dubey

“My journey with Indea yoga has been amazing. The course stimulates you to turn inward to experience and learn as much as you can. For that reason the course has not only taught me how to be a good teacher but also how to get to know myself better. This all contributes to becoming a good yoga teacher and I therefore recommend this course to anyone who is excited to go through an intense program in which you learn perfect yoga technique and which pushes yourself to your boundaries. I definitely will be back to this beautiful yoga Dhama.”


Lisa Sophie Elisabeth

“Excellent teachers, Positive environment, Good food.. Don’t think there is any better place than this to learn or correct your yoga foundations! Very effective TTC course! Must recommend this place to everyone who is looking to learn deeper meaning of Yoga.. A journey towards self..”


Ravneet Kaur

Founder & Instructor

Bharat Shetty – Indea Yoga was started with the aim to introduce individuals to the amazing health benefits yoga offers and its positive impact on physical and mental health. With over 24 years of experience in guiding students in their practice, Yogacharya Bharath Shetty is the first yoga teacher in India to be certified as E-RYT 500, the highest level of instructor certification with Yoga Alliance. He also has an RCYT and RPYT certification for children and prenatal yoga and is a YACEP member since April 2019. Guided by the core vision of ‘health and bliss for all’, he has trained more than 1000 teachers from over 80 countries.

Bharath Shetty

Founder - Indea Yoga


Vikas Shenoy is the Founder of Pancha Yoga and the first Level 3 teacher from Indeayoga Mysore under the guidance of Yogacharya Bharath Shetty. He has been practicing yoga since 2005 and teaching since 2011. He have taken over 15000 hours of classes – all of which have started on time. Previously, he was a NIT Surathkal graduate with over 11 years of experience working for organizations like Microsoft and D E Shaw as software engineer, before starting teaching yoga full time . I have taken corporate sessions and workshops of 60 minutes each on topics like stress management, ergonomics, yoga, the power of breath, meditation at AMD, Xilnix, Groupon, Thryve, Mr Cooper, Curai Inc US and most recently Microsoft US. These sessions have helped employees be more productive, reduce anxiety and stress, manage their time better and become healthier and fitter. While there is a lot to love about his classes, workshops and corporate sessions, his infectious optimism, sense of humour, and ability to find the silver lining and make light out of any situation makes to create an impact. Through yoga he makes it clear to everyone that, Life Is All About Peaceful Progress & Not Stressful Success.

Vikas Shenoy

Senior Yoga Instructor


Yogashree began her Sanskrit training at a young age at Sanskrit pathshala in authentic style. After completing her Masters and Vidhwath course in Sanskrit, she has been teaching for over eight years. This immense knowledge enables her to teach both Sanskrit and yoga related texts to yoga practitioners in a simple and easily decipherable style. Yogashree has also completed a certified yoga instructor’s course from a reputed yoga university. Yogashree takes the Philosophy, Yoga Sutra and Chanting sessions for the Teachers Training Batch at IndeaYoga.

Yogashree Aradhya

Instructor - Philosophy


A young dynamic Ayurveda graduate, he pursued his graduation from one of the esteemed institutions, Government Ayurveda medical college which is more than 100 years old. A victim of poor health, he regained his health when he came across YogacharyaBharathShetty in the year 2004. Genuine selfless service rendered by Yogacharya for the welfare of mankind enthralled him. This infused him with enthusiasm and he developed an inclination towards yoga at a very young age. He chose to rediscover the relationship between authentic Ayurveda and yoga. Anup started assessing and educating about physiological anatomy in a relationship with yoga and the yogic way of adopting it in a daily life, he now teachers anatomy for level 1 & 2 students.

Dr. Anup Krishna

Instructor - Yoga, Anatomy